The fvoec x ICU fraction primarily represents the interests of students of economics and computer science. It consists of the student organizations Fachverein Oekonomie (fvoec) and Fachverein Informatik (ICU).


The past semesters have shown that the university has not yet exploited the full potential of digital teaching. We see a need for improvement of OLAT courses and demand minimum quality standards for the design of the online course environment. The remote learning offer as well as podcasts should also remain available and be continued.

Location Oerlikon

We are not only at home in the center of Zurich but also in Oerlikon. Therefore, we are highly committed to making Oerlikon more attractive for students by demanding longer BIN opening hours and more learning places on site.

Women Empowerment

According to the motto “Walk the Talk”: we do not only talk about empowerment but also actively implement it. fvoec x ICU is committed to ensuring that more women are active in the VSUZH Council as well as in various committees.

Support for events

The financial support of educational events such as the Long Night of Careers, the UZH Sustainability Week, or the OecTalk is our focus.
In addition to our commitment to education, we encourage and actively support social and student life events like theater performances, the Tanz am Irchel, or the PokerNight – regardless of faction affiliation.

Sustainability and careful use of resources

The moderate use of resources of the VSUZH is one of our top priorities. We promote sustainable decisions and environmentally-conscious planning.

Do you have ideas or visions on how to improve our daily life as students? Are you concerned about certain issues or developments and want to be part of positive change? Or are you just interested and have questions about our activities in the VSUZH council and its commissions? Feel free to contact us via mail (studies@icuzh.ch) or at the ICU lounge.