ICU Help

ICU Help is a knowledge platform exclusively for our members where you find information about almost all subjects which you will encounter in your studies. If you don’t know which modules to choose, take a look at the ICU Help platform to see what others have to say about the subject. There are also old exams on a lot of subjects that can help you prepare better. Have you just taken an exam yourself? Make it a habit to leave a short summary of what happened on the exam after it: your fellow students are counting on you!

Jobs Mailing List

Get regularly the newest job offers of our sponsors and partners. They offer part-time jobs for working students, summer internships, and entry-level career opportunities after you finished your degree. Just send us an email without comment to subscribe. Here you find all jobs.

Workstation – in Room BIN-0.B.04

In Oerlikon at the Binzmühlestrasse, in BIN-0.B.04, you find many workstations. Each one is equipped with mouse and keyboard, a high resolution desktop, a laptop stand and HDMI and USB-C adapters. The stations are sponsored by ICU and UZH Alumni Informatik.

Internal Events

The ICU regularly organizes events to which members can almost always participate free of charge, like for example Paintball or GoCart-Nights. Other times we visit companies and ICU members are taken into account first! Here you will find our upcoming events.


Do you need a project for a presentation? A video camera for a project? Speakers for a party? Here you will find a list of objects, that you as an ICU Member can borrow for free.

Access to the ICU Lounge

In the Lounge you can spend your downtime hours chilling out or working. We also offer various services and information for our members there. Here you can see what those are.

Book Your Private Exam Room

We provide one quiet and private room where you can write your exams at the IFI. In the calendar you find the free spots. The following equipment is included:

  • Webcam
  • External screen
  • Headset
  • Keys and computer mouse
  • UZH internet connection

However, we do not assume liability for…

  • Wifi connection
  • Compatibility of the hardware devices
  • or any other aggravating circumstances during your booked timeslot

Write us an email containing your uzh-email address, date and time of your booking.